“Content strategy you must have, my young padawan”

How Do I Drive Traffic to My Website?

Good question. Once you’ve launched your beautiful new site, how do we help people find it? There are a few ways to drive traffic to your website (one is great on-page SEO), but the one we’ll focus on here is creating a custom-made content strategy for your business.

A content strategy requires quite a bit of of research in order to draw insights that can make an impact on your audience, but it’s worth it. Guess what the benefit of having a successful content marketing strategy is? Traffic and money.

According to Aberdeen, “site traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders compared to followers” and “marketing’s contribution to revenue is more than 6x higher for content marketing leaders than followers.” So while it’s not an overnight win, it pays off in dividends in the long run.

Ok cool, so now what? Now we’re going to roll up our sleeves, dig deep into your data and create a content strategy that you can have your team execute on your time and budget.

Below are the key elements that we include in our content strategy creation process:

Marketplace Overview

First and foremost, we have to understand the market your company or organization resides within.
This portion will include an:

  • Online Competitor Overview
  • Online Target Audience Overview

We won’t bore you with details on this right now, but we can tailor the level of research here to meet your needs.

Content Strategy

Again, we will tailor this to your needs and your available budget and resources. We’ll do the heavy lifting here to provide you with actionable campaigns and content ideas to execute.
A few examples of deliverables we’ll provide here might be:

  • Brand Voice & Tone Guidelines
  • Consolidated Keyword Research
  • Blog Post Best Practices
  • An Editorial Calendar (with content topics and ideas included)
  • Social Media Campaign Ideas
  • Email Campaign Ideas

So now you’re hooked. We know, content strategy is so sexy and alluring everyone has to have one! Reach out to us and clue us in on your interest and let’s chat! We’d love to create a content strategy for you business!


  • Working with Brainchild Studios has been absolutely fantastic! Kiley and Austin are extremely creative and strategic with their designs and are very thoughtful in all of the choices they make through the process. They are extremely responsive and prompt and returned every email and phone call immediately. Their work is beautiful, modern and original. And they are just wonderful, fun people to work with! They made the process fun and honestly, now that it’s done, I miss getting to work with them on a regular basis!

    Lauren Grossman, Director, Across The Table
  • Loved working with Brainchild Studios. They took the time to understand my needs as Doobert is a very specialized system for animal rescue. Very collaborative and fun to work with and I was always energized by the discussions and potential. Definitely will be using Brainchild for future work as it was a very positive experience and awesome product!

    Chris Roy, CEO, Doobert
  • “Kiley and her team did an amazing job creating our trade show booth display and marketing flyers. She took the time to understand what our needs/goals were, and even spent time looking into our industry so she could help create effective marketing materials for us. We had a really short timeline and Kiley delivered everything we needed on or before the deadlines we had discussed.

    We’ve taken our trade show display to two conferences so far, and received several compliments on the graphics/content! We’re also looking at doing a website redesign and SEO/PPC campaigns with Brainchild Studios. She is very knowledgeable and puts together a well thought-out plan/strategy. I’m looking forward to working with Kiley and Brainchild Studios again and would definitely recommend them!”

    Jessica Cook, Key Account Manager, ImagIT Recovery Services
  • “We had a great experience working with Brainchild Studios. Communication throughout the project was clear, everything was well organized and all deadlines were met on time. We would happily work with them again!”

    Scott Stahnke, Designer, nine3nine Creative
  • “Kiley had a very tight deadline that she met perfectly. We were incredibly impressed with her professionalism as well as her friendliness in the process. She always listened and then made the best suggestions possible with my desired plan. Our two websites are amazing due to her oversight and management. Her behind-the-scenes programmers were amazing too. I will keep her hired on with any other projects I have coming up.

    Tim Bock, General Manager, Lakefront Roofing & Siding Supply
  • “Working with Kiley and the BCS team was an absolute pleasure! Our company was looking for someone that could carry out our vision online, and they delivered. The entire process was very simple and organized. In the future as we continue to build out other features and functionality to our site, we will exclusively be using Brainchild Studios for all of our needs!

    The New City Moving Team
  • “Working with Brainchild Studios has been both professional and pleasant. Their organizational skills and communication kept our project on task, while their insights brought fresh creativity to our websites.”

    Nathan Cameron, Videographer, nine3nine Creative
  • Working with Brainchild Studios was surprisingly fun! From start to finish we always knew what was coming next and what was expected. Whether creative input or detailed corrections, we always felt confident in the experience they bring to the table.”

    Rick Mills, Developer, nine3nine Creative
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